Jacob Fogg
Primary rig photo

I bought this '91 GMC Suburban, along with a donor 89 Chevy Suburban back in 2020. It's be a ton of fun and I've been slowly upgrading it along the way.

So far I've:

  • Replaced every fluid in the rig.

  • Replaced the steering components with beefier components.

  • Added a 3" suspension lift in front, 3" blocks in back, and new shocks all around.

  • Upgraded to 33" tires, adding some minor clearance with the help of a careful sledge hammer work and a few particularly rough trails.

  • Added a 484 big block TBI with a 1" riser and a bowl filter mount (TBI & Riser came from the Donor rig).

  • Replaced the front auto-lockers with manual hubs.

  • A bunch more small things that I am not currently remembering.

What's Next: (In order of preferred priority)

  • Fully rebuilding front and rear diff, installing limited slip in the rear and a good old lincoln locker in the front, along with a lower gear... moving from 4.10 to 4.56.

  • PAINT!!!

  • Rebuilding the donor engine & installing

  • Install nerf bars (harvested from the donor)

  • Building & installing a custom roof rack

  • Rebuilding the donor transmission & transfer case & installing