Gotta be able to stop

Jacob Fogg
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Date Published: Mar. 25, 2022

This was a tough job, but someone had to do it... I'm glad I did! Here is the rundown!

So the breaks were bad... really bad... like one day the breaks were squealing. Ok, it was WAY more than one day. But then, suddenly, they weren't squealing anymore, but instead started grinding :facepalm:

I ordered the parts and parked my rig. I went all in with new cross drilled disks, fancy new calepars, heavy duty roters, special upgraded pads & shoes, the ebreak kit, even new springs and some of that gell stuff that is supposed to keeps things from squeeking.

All in, I think it was around $400, but at least I'm starting clean. Honestly, this is a '91, and I have NO IDEA if these roters and disks have ever been swapped out... Plus, my montra at this point is, if something breaks or wears out, lets buy the part that I want to keep... that sometimes means a simple $50 repair turns into a couple hundred dollar upgrade, but in the long run, I'm a couple hundred closer to the rig I really want to own... no time like the present...

Overall, the repair wasn't too bad. I had issues getting the disk off the passenger side... but nothing a little heat and a sledge hammer couldn't handle.

Here are some pics along the way: