Shocking Suspense

Jacob Fogg
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Date Published: Jun. 25, 2022

I am happily driving along and hit a bump... Thing feel a bit bouncy, but I don't think much of it... Until, a friendly driver pulls up next to me, telling me I've got something hanging off my truck! 

Pulling off to the side of the road, I realize, yes, indeed, I have a rear shock hanging loose! My square body suburban was in bad need of some bolt action TLC!

Fast forward a couple days, I find myself wandering the bolt isle at ace hardware looking for a replacement bolt. I left with a pair of M14 class 10.9 3.5" with a 2" shaft (the SAE equivalent of 9/16 grade 8), along with a set of washers, lock washers, bolts, and locktight blue... And a wallet $30 lighter.

10 minutes after getting home, with a small sledge hammer, 21mm deep socket, and an impact driver, I had the new bolt securely installed and the other side replaced!

Stuff like this can certainly be scarry! It just goes to show, when you are rebuilding squarebody trucks that are 30+ years old, you have to occationally check those bolts and nuts to make sure they are hanging on!

Time to get back on the road, and hopefully the trails soon!