DE1607 -- Chevrolet Orange-Red

Jacob Fogg
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Date Published: May. 31, 2023

With my buddy, Jared around, we put in a ton of effort, stripping the old block down... Cleaning, sanding, scrubbing, scraping, flushing, washing... you know the drill. The net result was cut up hands, a bucket full of dirty gloves, and grease under the nails for weeks. The real result was, we have a rotating assembly! Painted, sealed, torqued, and TDC. This was a serious labor of love and we're now ready to turn this buster into a long block and get it installed!

I kicked around block paint, and I just cannot get away from that lovely Chevy orange-red... why? because it just has to be, that's why, lol.

I'll have another update soon, and hopefully Mufasa will roar back to life before the month's end!